We provide a fully integrated service by identifying where your house
is wasting energy and then completing the work necessary to fix these areas,
which results in a more comfortable, energy efficient home for you and your family.

  • Take your MARK, get set and save!

    Our simple 3-step process makes it easy and affordable to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We’re a one-stop shop.

    The first step towards increased comfort and savings is a Home Energy Analysis. Mark Group identifies the most cost-effective energy-saving improvements by analyzing your home’s current energy use and features as well as your comfort concerns. We offer two analysis options to provide you with as much information as you want about your home.

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  • Take your MARK, get set and save!

    Next we prioritize your home’s energy-saving recommendations, highlighting those that best meet your goals and budget.

    We make sure you take advantage of any financial incentives available to you. In addition to certified Auditors and Technicians, our trained support staff is available to answer any questions you may have about recommendations or programs in your area.

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  • Take your MARK, get set and save!

    When you’re ready, Mark Group technicians install your
    energy-saving improvements.

    We consider an invitation into your home a privilege and stand by the delivery of a timely, professional and clean installation. All improvements are reviewed with you before and after the installation. Most of our customers communicate a noticeable improvement before we’ve even left.


Rebates & Incentives

Check out rebates and other incentives
available in your area to help pay for
energy-saving improvements.

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Summer is Here

There are simple do it yourself steps you can take to enjoy a more comfortable, less costly summer.

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About Us

Mark Agosto, Home Energy Auditor, is in our Employee Spotlight this month. Read more about him and other Mark Group team members.

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